LOCAL | Tropical Storm Beryl Hits Houston, Mid-South Area To Expect Remnant Showers Tuesday

This morning, Hurricane Beryl made its way into Texas, and it is expected to curve up toward the Mid-South.

Beryl is expected to deliver rainfall today. If not, our skies will be largely overcast with highs in the 90s.

As Beryl moves close to the Memphis area on Tuesday, expect multiple rounds of rain throughout the day. There is a chance of heavier rains with wind gusts reaching 30 mph.

This comes after the hurricane starting in the tropical island groups of St. Lucia and Grenada, moving its way up toward Jamaica and the Cayman Islands last week, and hitting the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico a few days ago.

At one point it was classified as a Category 5 hurricane, but has since then regressed to a tropical storm.

The weather effects can still be significant, as currently in Houston, Texas, there are a reported 2 million without power from damaging winds.