NATION OF JAKE | Biden And Trump Go To The Border: Tale Of Two Cities

The 45th and 46th Presidents of the United States made a trip Thursday to border cities given the crisis of illegal immigration in the country.

On one hand, President Biden visited Brownsville, Texas, a city that aligns more with Democratic views on immigration. His message was a call for Trump to “stop playing politics” and “join me”.

On the other, former President Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas, where they have been experiencing up to 500 people crossing the border.

His message there was similar to many of his past campaign speeches where he stands for stronger border security and laws.

Jake Cook, host of the Nation of Jake, said that it’s very telling of where each of them decided to visit and how important it really is for them.

“Joe Biden wants to go to a part of the border where it seems like it’s under control and not a disaster,” he said. “Donald Trump, it behooves him politically to be where the action is. Eagle Pass is where they’re putting up the razor wire and a lot of people walking right through that border fence that never got finished.”